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Article written by Ian Doherty

What is rescue work, what does it involve?

Rescue work by its very definition is the rescuing of the spirit within, and aiding the spirit in its own transition into what is termed the spirit world. This is achieved by communicating with the spirit through thought, utilising clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, helping to reassure that all is ok and if necessary to help the spirit understand that it has passed over from the physical body.

The above paragraph is a simplified account of what may occur, bearing in mind that we are each different people, we have our own unique life experiences; as such our perceptions will be clouded to a certain extent. What we should be asking ourselves however, is the question of whether or not rescue work is needed?

Consider the following, a small girl six years of age is knocked down and killed whilst chasing a ball onto the road. Is this child lost? Does this child need to be rescued and led into the spirit world? The problem here is that we are viewing the child’s form before us, with our own physical senses and not the spirit within, which may be an old spirit indeed, and not necessarily the young girl we see before us. Indeed this spirit in our scenario is perfectly capable of knowing where if is and where it is going and when it will choose to go.

Is it not an arrogant belief in that we assume spirit needs help in returning to the spirit world? Surely if we come from spirit with a gate keeper, someone who helps us into the physical existence we have chosen, and we have adopted; therefore once we let go the reigns of the physicality, the body that is in essence a heavy solid structure within a heavier permanence of a physical world, these constraints are removed and the likeness, the ethereal body, the spirit within is given substance once more. The conscious and subconscious minds which form the consciousness, is fully accessed and functioning. Spirit do not have a mouth with which to talk or hands to grasp, they are thought, in essence energy. Energy can not be destroyed, a scientific fact, though it can be changed, as the physical body no longer functions due to decay, accident or injury, the spirit within draws out and has returned to its own dimension, not our dimension, therefore when we view the six year old girl knocked over, we see only the little girl and not the spirit within which may have it’s own agenda.

Whilst in the physical body we can help each other, by being a friend to each other, providing each other with material gifts, trying to help with their spiritual pathway, time to listen, time to nourish, a time to talk, help provide aid in THIS world. This is of benefit to the spirit within, for it helps the spirit to understand the lessons and tribulations involved in using an interface of one dimension to overlap into another, the physical body. When we therefore go into the spirit world, it is the spirit side of life, spirit with spirit which helps. Do not forget the enormity of the world of spirit of which whilst in the physical body, we do not fully understand.

We reason within the physicality of this world with the physical brain, we see with the physical eye, we hear with physical ear, touch with the hands, we smell and taste, physical senses. As we ourselves progress along the human trail along the path of spirit evolvement, the spirit within gains more influence over the physicality through the consciousnesses, which flow into the physical brain.
In all we are viewing things within a physicality and not an ethereal way, we do not have all the facts and figures, we are not aware of the larger picture, the grander scheme of life, only our own weave. Within the realms of spirit, through the teachings and communication of spirit, we are taught that upon the transition of the spirit back into the spirit world they are helped from the spirit side of life. Bereavement takes place, as we miss the person from the physical existence, the spirit which has just moved away from the physicality still carries a residue of that physicality for a while until they themselves reunite with spirit, re-familiarise themselves and acclimatise to their ethereal existence. It is the spirit side of life which encourages, for there is one thing we have not taken into account, free will, and the freedom to choose. It may be that the spirit first wishes to minister to our needs, to reassure us that all is ok.

Before we touch through the veil and into the physical world we make a pact with our guides and helpers who have chosen to walk and learn with us, also of what we would like to occur in our lives to help us achieve our lessons. The little girl may well have chosen to pass into spirit in this way, to understand how it felt to have passed at such a young age; agreed with the spirits of her parents in helping them learn their own lessons, the bigger picture unfolds. We take with us into the spiritual world the knowledge of what we have learnt and experienced, our triumphs our failures, our love.

In summarising the above, and the question as to whether rescue work is needed at all, we have to consider not only the fact that we view things purely within a physical world, but that we are not fully aware of the implications of our own choices, actions and deeds within the vast tapestry of life of which we are all interconnected through the fabric of spirit. We do not take into the account free will, we have a choice, spirit have a choice, if they chose to move around us and continue to minister to our needs, that is their choice. By the very act of leaving the physical body, spirit is aware through the greater connectedness of spirit that they have indeed taken their transition, no matter the circumstances of their passing. Rescue work is conducted by people who have made a choice to do so, they are sincere in their beliefs, and we could however do a lot more good by helping people whilst in the physical world, where there is a greater need and leave the ‘rescue’ work to spirit and those in the spirit world where it belongs.

Article written by Ian Doherty Ian's own website can be found at http://www.ian-doherty.co.uk/

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