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Article written by Ian Doherty

When asked to write this article, I have largely gathered from my own experiences as a psychic artist, and from talking to other people working in the same field as myself. One thing that becomes apparent is the feelings of wanting to draw, the creative expression needing to unfold before your very eyes. The impulse to do so is at times quite intense and does not adequately subside until the work has been fully completed.

Psychic art comes in a variety of forms most notably that of portrait drawings of family or guiding influences. Added to this is the concept of an artistic diagram of the human aura, a phrase coined by the renowned psychic artist Harold Sharp, and more commonly known as the auragraph. A little known form of psychic art is that of precognitive art. A good example of this being Leonardo Da Vinci, who in the 1400’s sketched diving apparatus as well as arguably one of his most famous sketches, that of what we know today as the helicopter.

It is a fair statement to suggest that all psychic artists have a high degree of sensitivity to influences imparted from what we as Spiritualists term the spirit world. It is therefore due to this degree of sensitivity to the often subtle vibrations imparted from the spirit world that allows the psychic artist to unfold a piece of artwork seemingly from nowhere. I make this statement in part due to the fact that most psychic artists are not visually aware of what it is they are influenced to draw, This is more remarkable when you take into account that a vast majority of psychic artists have had no formal art training and yet are capable through the subtle variances of energy transference to produce a detailed picture of a person that not only can they not see, but who have themselves taken their transition to the spirit world.

So how does it work? Plainly speaking, the psychic artist enters into an altered state of awareness as the guiding influence working with them is allowed to impinge their own energies with those of their medium and thus obtain a greater degree of influence in order to better guide the hand and arm. In this way it is not necessary to be able to see what is being drawn, for to do so would undoubtedly colour the mind of the medium, the resulting drawing would not therefore be an adequate representation of the person being drawn. Like all forms of mediumship, psychic art takes time to establish, for in essence it is not about the drawing, it is more to do with the depth of connection between medium and guide. It is through the depth of connection achieved that a higher degree of accuracy can be imparted through into the drawing.

Psychic art, particularly the auragraph can also bring forth a vibrancy unique to the person the drawing is for, hence the drawing evidences a different style each time, soft interlacing colours which blend subtly into each other or jagged deep carved chasms of colour colliding with a crescendo of noise.

It is not only the drawing which is conveyed whilst in this altered state of awareness. Information pertaining to the drawing is also communicated by way of establishing the identity of the person being drawn or to more fully comprehend the artwork depicted.

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