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Article written by Ian Doherty

I have often been asked about light anomalies such as white, blue or red lights seen whilst conducting vigils within a darkened room.

In order to discuss this further it is a good idea to have an understand of how the human eye works.

Light rays enter through the cornea and lens, which are situated at the front of our eyes and are responsible for bending light so that it can be focused onto the retina situated to the rear of our eye. The cornea focuses this light whilst the lens fine tunes the focussing process. The iris is responsible for enlarging or reducing the size of the pupil in order to let in more light or to reduce the amount of light into our eye.

The retina situated to the rear of the eye is a light sensitive layer consisting of rod and cone cells, which collect light signals directed onto them and in turn send them as electrical impulses along the optic nerve.

The rods are concentrated around the edge of the retina and help us so see things that are primarily in our periphery field of vision, and to see objects more clearly whilst in a dim or darkened room. Cone cells on the other hand are concentrated towards the centre of the retina and provide us with detailed vision, sense of depth and colour.

If you consider that whilst in a darkened room, the cone cells are not of much use, as you are not able to perceive colour of depth as sight is often severely impeded from the lack of light coming in through the cornea and lens. One of the schools of thought on the subject of light anomalies is that the cones are regularly sending information along the optic nerve into the receptors situated in the hind brain. This can be likened to two computers on a network continuously asking if the other is still there, the resulting signals can therefore be represented as pin pricks of differing light hues, namely white, blue and red.

I would say that this has some credence from a scientific viewpoint, the process of nerve relays communicating with each other is a regular process within the functionality of the brain. There is however merit given to the various increases of psychic energy in conjunction to the range of light hues being seen.

For instance the white pin pricks of light can be associated with low levels of psychic activity, however when the energy within a room increases, becoming palatable, heavy even, the room becomes visibly darker and the pin pricks of light change in colour to those of blue. When the energy levels increase dramatically however the light hues are reflected as pin pricks of red light, and the room becomes almost pitch black.

The question has to be asked as to whether these are seen with the physical eye, with the clairvoyant eye, or as a result of the mental make up of the individual experiencing this “phenomenon”.

The point to note here is that as the room becomes darker, the pin pricks of light are at their fastest, white, and as the room becomes darker still, the lights slow down in frequency to that of their slowest, red. Could it therefore be a result of the nerve impulses transmitted along the optic nerve being of a reduced rate, of less importance due to the reduced light entering in through the cornea?

I have myself been witness to a spectacular light show, when conducting a vigil in the dungeon of Tutbury castle, the energies were of a very high level, the room pitch black, yet the amount of red lights flickering around the room like cinders exploding forth from a fire, where in evidence within a small confined space, over 60% of those present bore testimony to this fact, with gasps of delight and a few panicked shrills.

For myself I feel that is a combination of both, there has to be scientific correlation between the transmitted nerve impulses along the optic nerve reducing in number with the decrease of light through into the retina and the increase of psychic energy into the room.

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