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Article written by Ian Doherty

I have written this article as a follow up from a previous article on rescue work. I feel it is justified to provide more of an explanation into the teachings received from the communication with spirit; as this I hope will provide more illumination.

Death occurs as the result of the final cessation of vital functions within the physical body, such as electrical nerve impulses from the brain, and of course the stopping of the heart. However, when considering the concept of the mind, body, and spirit, it is the spirit element, which gives life to the physical body and not the other way around. The physical body is merely a vehicle by which the spirit can interact with the physical environment it finds itself in, therefore when death occurs the physical body is no longer a functional vehicle and so spirit departs.

We are told that upon physical death, as the spirit form departs the now redundant vehicle, it is met by either a group of spirit or the person whomever the spirit form most expects to see; we are never alone in our transition. Our mind set also plays a part in what we may expect to see; being a devout Christian for example; we may expect to see a host of angels, bright shining in their radiance, feathered wings gently moving in accompaniment to a heavenly choir.

The free will of the spirit is retained as it was within the physical body, as such the recently departed spirit form may wish to visit with family and loved ones. This is what those who conduct rescue work fail to realise, free will, the freedom of spirit to chose, would you yourself, on your transition, not wish to visit with your loved ones?

When we are met by either a group or a friendly and familiar person, we are helped to acclimatise to the different way of living; we no longer have a mouth with which to talk, or the need to eat; we no longer have the functionality of a physical body. Life in the spirit world is via thought, through the consciousness, colours are more vibrant than any we could imagine, flowers more beautiful than we could ever envisage. If the need arises for a spirit to communicate with another spirit at a far distance, a mere thought of them brings them close.

Within the realms of spirit, there are many opportunities to develop our understanding, to progress to an ever-finer vibration, to become pure unconditional love. We are told of the “halls of learning” in which the spirit can learn whatever their choice is, be it to paint or sing, or to master the arts of science, all is available for life is eternal. There are many spheres of existence within the spirit realms, the more spiritually evolved we become the more refined our energy becomes and the further away from the physical existence we become. The guides and helpers, who chose to administer to our needs, helping us to achieve our negotiated pathways, are able to foresee a given outcome far easier than we ourselves can. The more evolved spirit energies, some would chose to call angels are so far spiritually aware that they are far removed from the physical sphere they freely administer to. Every choice we chose to make has far-reaching consequences, which we in the physical body could easily comprehend; so much has to be in place before our choices can happen.

Whilst in spirit, before being born into the physical world, we make a pact with other like-minded spirits, and negotiate or chosen pathway, the lessons we wish to learn or impart to others. We have to wait for our grand parents to meet and give birth to our chosen parents before we ourselves can enter into the physical world. What of our siblings, people we are destined to meet along our life’s journey, all have to be in situ before each part of the immense puzzle can come into play; a phenomenal amount of choices, the ministry of angels.

This is not to imply that our whole life is mapped out before us, for were this the case, we as spirit would learn nothing. Once again, free will comes into play, for although we have negotiated our pathway; we may change our minds, not fulfilling a piece of the puzzle, or indeed have something happen to us, which was not part of our plans. This is one area in which our guides and helpers play their part, as they help steer us aright, helping us to achieve our aims, not with distain, but with a loving heart.

The dimension of the spirit world impinges into our physical reality, occupying the same space, and allows for the communion of spirit to take place. This factor is a primary reason that when we take our transition through a natural disaster, or traumatic event, the spirit is NEVER trapped. If the recently departed spirit is having a measure of difficulty in making the transition from the physical into the ethereal realms of spirit, it is not for us in the physical body to seemingly effect a rescue. There are those in spirit whose chosen work is to help in these instances, encouraging the recently departed spirit, helping them to acclimatise to their new surroundings, as we are each different people when in the physical body, we are so in the spirit. The acclimatising to spirit can be a longer process for some than others, dependant upon their level of spiritual progression.

We are told of a life review each spirit chooses to undertake, there is no judgement on our actions, though seeing and feeling the hurt our actions have caused to others is judgement enough. We see the joy our life has brought to others, the love, the lessons learnt, the opportunities passed by.

In summarising this article, through the various communications with spirit, the trance condition especially allows us to understand better the workings of spirit, of our life to come. The far-reaching implications of our actions towards each other, along with the bigger picture we never fully comprehend from the viewpoint of the physical body. Most importantly though is the factor of free will, each spirit whether within the physical body or spirit realms has the freedom to chose their actions. Spirit are never trapped, only the often-misguided intentions of those within the physical body, who out of love chose to rescue those we deem as trapped, to cross into the realms of light, of spirit. There is no need, for spirit is with us when we take our transition, there to encourage through the acclimatisation process as they are welcomed back once more into the unconditional love of spirit.


Article written by Ian Doherty Ian's own website can be found at http://www.ian-doherty.co.uk/

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